The EP commences with a raucous drum intro, leading into the first track ‘Radio’. A dark and crooning composition filled with high-gain leads and dreamy guitar riffs, driven by cascading bass-lines and tonnes of swagger.


The longest-standing of all the songs on the EP, ‘Partners In Crime’ is an atmospheric narrative into the starry-eyed youth and heartbreak that accompanies it. The rhythm section’s sense of urgency accompanies howling vocals and jangly guitars, ending in a cascading guitar solo.


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Calling on pop vibes and catchy guitar riffs to narrate the longing for escape from life in a small town, Call My Name is easily the most noticeable on the EP. With the single release gaining the top spot from our followers, the high production quality and layered guitars echo and resonate into what will be a favourite to play live. NOTE: RECENTLY PLAYED ON BBC INTRODUCING MERSEYSIDE ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04gnzsj#play )



In stark contrast to ‘Call My Name’, the final track of the EP is a gritty, overdriven delve from jangly indie, into the heavier side of Alternative Rock. With the intro’s menacing chimes, it sets the tone for what has become a strong set-closer in live shows. With bass- lines reminiscent of the likes of Black Sabbath, the song springs to life for a dissonant and powerful guitar solo. The outro, accompanied by guitar harmonies, culminates in a crescendo leading to the intro riff, thus bringing the song and EP full-circle.


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