It’s been painful keeping this from you during the last few weeks, but the time has come to finally announce it!

On the 18TH DECEMBER, we play the MANCHESTER RITZ!

This is very easily the biggest gig we’ve ever played, its going to be absolutely amazing!

After saturday night with the Sherlocks being so amazing, we are continuing this good run of success as of late with this massive gig out of town, the home of proper music.

We support an Oasis act, ‘Definitely Mightbe’, and as you can probably tell, its set to be an amazing night!

We had the crowd absolutely bouncing at the Liverpool Academy twice this month, and in 19 days time we take to the stage in manchester at one of the UK’s top venues, home to Catfish and the Bottlemen and the Enemy inside the past year!

£6 a ticket is ridiculously cheap, and if you want the coach down a fee will be added later but we need numbers! PLEASE specify!

From all of us though, thank you so much for all the support, it means the absolute world! The last two dates at the O2 have been amazing and so many new people have told us how much they enjoyed our set and it’s boss to see! Cheers to all the guys who came to the first date AND also came down to the second one too, THAT felt special.



The Patriots



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