Last night we played in the Retro Bar in Manchester for a Battle of the Bands competition!

All the bands were fantastic but we were told that two stood out, ourselves and the ‘Marquettes’.

The Marquettes won the competition, and rightly so, as they were much older and much more experienced than ourselves!

After the announcement we were obviously devastated at the news, but a conversation with ‘well-in’ personality ‘Mr Peeps’ lifted our spirits, telling us that we were fantastic and that he was very impressed! So impressed in fact, that he put a word in to the organisers of Blackthorn festival.

This morning we received a call, a call from the organisers of Blackthorn festival, telling us that we WILL BE PLAYING.

Further details to come obviously, but for now get absolutely buzzing for it because this is absolutely something else!

Thank you so much for supporting us, and a massive thank you to Mr Peeps, who got us this gig! Thank you also to Nicole Burrows for getting us on the Battle of the Bands, and Abi Richardson for organising it!

Can’t actually believe this is happening,

Liam, Duffy, Brad and Luke
The Patriots




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