This week is MASSIVE for us!
We rehearse tomorrow for our three gigs this week, to perfect our shorter set for the festival appearances!

ON THURSDAY we play in MANCHESTER for the first time, in the RETRO BAR for a battle of the bands competition; in which the winner gets a slot at ‘Blackthorn’ Festival, alongside acts such as the Enemy and The Sherlocks to name a few!
It is really an opportunity for us, and we feel that if we play the music we wrote ourselves then we have every chance of being in contention of that festival spot!

ON SATURDAY we play at ‘GLASTONFERRY’ Festival, which will be our biggest festival appearance to date, in front of a sell out 1500 people!
Our set is 40 minutes, and is going to get the place absolutely bouncing! If you’ve got tickets, DO NOT MISS THIS!

ON SUNDAY we play at EXFEST at RAINHILL labour club, the festival has been moved! Many of St Helens’ finest will play at this festival on both the saturday and the sunday!

We’d also like to thank you all for this past weekend! The two gigs in Burtonwood were great as always up there, but Clock Festival was really on another level. Walking on stage to the sound of the Supremes’ ‘Stoned Love’ and then breaking into the Wombats’ ‘Moving to New York’ got the place absolutely bouncing, the tent was packed! We debuted our new song with a live twist on it too, and it went down a treat! Nice one to Jamie for having us on, it was amazing!

Finally, if you’ve been to any of our gigs lately you will have heard our New Song ‘Partners In Crime’, this song is very easily the best thing we’ve ever wrote and the first time we played it live was probably the best performance we’ve ever done! News on the recording of the song will be available very shortly, as we are aching to get it out there!

Nice one!
The Patriots


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