Original Material…

Our own music is very much ‘us’. It defines us as people, musicians and artists.
When we gig, usually we play mainly covers of our favourite tracks, with a flavour of our own music in there, most likely 3 songs of our own, however now we are pushing to write and record as much quality material as we can so that we can start getting around!

Our songs that are complete, recorded and released are as follows:

Back To The Start // A song that came from the first sessions and one that Liam wrote himself, with the rest of us just adding our parts to complete the piece. It was recorded in February of 2014 and released the same month. It was not released on CD but rather as a social media demo to show off our music to people interested in us. We do not play this song live anymore, however it is still available on our youtube channel accessible at the top of this page.

She’s The Beat // A Song that came about after the recording of Back to the Start, in which a chord progression was worked out and the rest went from there! We had his song structure and basis finished in around march 2014, however we gigged with it for around 8 months in which we naturally enhanced our parts. She’s the Beat was recorded on the same day as ‘Town’, on the 30th October 2014, and is a staple in our set, usually paired with ‘Fake Tales Of San Francisco’. She’s the Beat was released as a B-Side on our first and, so far, only physical release, ‘Town – Single’ on New Year’s Day 2015.

Town // Town is a song that came about in autumn rehearsal sessions, it was touched on at practise several times but nothing really surfaced until Liam and Duffy had worked together to create the riff that literally makes the song! Through the following few weeks, we worked hard on ‘Town’, originally planning it as a B-Side to our much-loved ‘She’s The Beat’! However, after lots of struggling and genuine hard thought, equipped with a break and an extended ending featuring a picture-perfect solo that went hand-in-hand with the passion-fuelled lyrics and non-stop rhythm section that makes the song what it is today. By the time the recording date came, no matter how much we loved ‘She’s The Beat’ or how wary we were about the song being new to us, it was still going to be our lead single, there was no two ways about it! There was no way that we were going to let this chance slip, Town was a song that was very much ‘us’, a bit of a pointprover and definitely a song that leaves its message scrawled in the back of your mind in fluorescent marker. GET ME OUT!
Town was released first on social media (online) in November, and then Physically, accompanied with ‘She’s The Beat’ at our New Years’ gig!


Partners In Crime // This song surfaced after the release of Town, in which we were aiming for a two-track single for the summer. We had been working on another song and had got it half way up the hill, but we just couldn’t seem to make it work. Instead, we played about with riffs and ended up with a 4-note riff. As the chords for the song were worked out, Brad and Luke mastered their rhythm section to provide the groove to the song, something that has always been key for us. The bass part for this song is rather Unorthodox and variates throughout the track, using fills and different run-ups/downs to hold the groove together. The drumming in this song is Luke’s best to date, using tom-based beats for the Verses and then becoming rather large-sounding towards the end, it really brings the song onto the next level. The music was worked out for the main part of the song, and after a week off Liam had worked hard to get a melody and lyrics that fit the track; the lyrics ‘Say You Won’t, Say You’ll Never come to waste my time’ is accompanied by bass and drum fills that follow the melody. The song was largely finished leading up to the Liverpool gig and during the final sessions it was polished off with a strong, lead solo that Duffy worked with; the atmosphere the song creates in this solo is one unparalleled by anything else that we have done, and leads us to believe it’s the best song we’ve ever written.
This song was debuted at the Liverpool O2 Academy and has been played at every gig since, and it is soon to be recorded and released.





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