This weekend we return with 3 gigs lined up for you!

Its been a strange couple of weeks for us, cooling off from the big gig and only playing a few gigs since then.

We’ve got a few new songs sorted, one of our own and a couple of fresh covers, including U2’s ‘One’ and the Wombats’ ‘Moving To New York’, all of which went down very well at one of our best gigs to date a few weeks ago up in Clock Face.

The Clock Face gig was great, everyone was involved and it was a really enjoyable night for the four of us, thanks to everyone for coming!

We played a lot of charity gigs over the weeks after that, which were good gigs for us, just giving us more and more experience all the time!

We’ve been rehearsing a lot and we’re improving the sound all the time, however we’ve not been doing any gigs because of Exam season; each of us are sitting our GCSE’s or A-levels and its a very intense time, we hope you understand why we took the time off!

BUT THIS WEEKEND WE’RE BACK with three gigs:

Sefton Arms – Friday night at 9pm!

Red Lion Fest – Saturday night

Bull and dog – Sunday afternoon around 6pm

We’ve played at these venues before and they’re always good gigs, if you want to catch us before we take another few weeks off to finish our exams, THIS IS THE TIME!

Summer’s going to be massive for us, we’ve got so much to look forward to with having time to write our own stuff and playing festivals! We’ve got the LAST SLOT at the Clock Face fest, and we are also playing GLASTONFERRY music festival on the 4th of July, which is going to be a fantastic experience for us all!

Thanks again,

The Patriots!!




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