We cannot put into words how thankful we are for last night, it was the best thing we have done by an absolute mile!

The day started off at the Clock Hotel, everyone gathering there felt special and started the day just how we wanted it to. We set off on TWO sold out coaches and the atmosphere was just amazing to be part of!

After arriving at the academy, we soundchecked and it literally took us off our feet, we rehearsed our new song and as they checked the lights and sound, it just felt special, we can’t put into words how mad it was being up there! And we hadn’t even started!

We headed out into Liverpool for an hour or so, meeting up with everyone and having a laugh before getting back to the dressing room and preparing for the gig.

At 10 to 8 on the 21st of March 2015 The Patriots took to the stage at the O2 Academy in Liverpool, and coming out in front of so many people in the BIG room there, about 7/800 people packing out the place. The response to coming on stage was amazing and as we went through the early set, with the likes of ‘If You Wanna’, ‘Club Foot’, ‘Pacifier’ and our very own New Song, the response was overwhelming!
Coming into the later set, the crowd got bigger and better, and it just made it the best night of our lives as a band, it was so so so amazing!

We finished with ‘Town’, our own single, and the amount of people SINGING OUR OWN SONG was ridiculous! Nights like this one makes it all worthwhile!

Just a massive thanks to everyone who paid out to come and watch us, its absolutely mental!

Thanks to Daz for organising everything for us and getting us the gig in the first place! If it wasn’t for Daz last night wouldn’t have been the same for us, he deserved every minute of that and, despite being more nervous than us, you deserve the credit just as much as we do!

Also a massive thanks to The Clone Roses, who gave us the chance to play alongside them on such a grand scale! They gave us an opportunity and we grabbed it with both our hands and made the most of it!

You never know if its going to come again, but this truly is a night we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, this memory will stay with us forever, so thank you all so much!

Hang on, we’re 15-17 year olds and we’ve just played the O2 Academy Liverpool main room, what is going on?

Thank you all so much for last night, can’t stress that enough!

Liam, Duffy, Brad and Luke x






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