The St Helens 10k and the weekend ahead!

Today we were set to play the St Helens 10k, an event we were honoured to be part of! We arrived early morning and the horrible weather came in, putting doubt in our minds about the gig before a misunderstanding with the power and generator we were using confirmed that it was not to be our day. However, the day was obviously a massive success for the Steve Prescott Foundation and other local acts that got well-deserved publicity today!
Well done to all the runners, it was not the nicest weather but you pushed on through it, its just unfortunate for us that we weren’t able to!
Now, lets not get too down over this, because this weekend we’re back!
Friday at The Bird I’th Hand should be great, with a full set from 9pm over in Eccleston, always a good night so lets make it happen again!
And on Saturday we debut at the Lounge Bar in town, which should also be a great night because it’ll be our last gig before we’re off to Liverpool for the biggest gig of our lives to date!
Again we thank you for the Support, the last few months have been amazing and we can only hope that this will continue!

Nice one,

The Patriots



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