First CD, ‘Town – Single’ 31/12/14

The time has come for us to announce our biggest news to date, the release of a two-track single!
This is big for us, its been so long since the our last song, which we didn’t release physically, so we felt that a two-song CD would make up for the wait.
As you may well know, there’s been a track lurking named ‘she’s the beat’; we’ve had this song since our early days, and was the first true song we wrote together. She’s the beat is a song we wrote a long time ago now, around 10 months ago, and gradually, through rehearsal and live performances, it has adapted and become what it is today. It is not like ‘Town’ very much, its lead track, however it is much more energetic and raw, compared to the more mature, rock n’ roll sound we found with ‘Town’ itself. She’s the beat is a straight up Patriots tune, its something we wrote when at the most exciting time of the band so far, first starting out, so you find that ‘We want to be here! We are here!’ feel with the song; it was us proving a point at the start of our career. Despite its roots, the song has progressed, while we had the chords and main structures back february, the song has gained bass fills, a refined drum section, lyric changes and Overdrive-fuelled Solo’s.
This CD is us right now. Its how we are progressing and how, at this moment, we are making music. This is who we are right now, this is where we wanted to be at the start of this year, ending it on a high with a single after a year of great experience!
This first year has been fantastic and we do thank everyone for what they have done for us, there are way too many of you to go through one by one, but we thank you so much for your support, help, enjoyment and interest, it fuels us.

As you may know, this New Years Eve, we play at the Bowling Green in Sutton, St Helens. Tickets are £5 each and this includes your own copy of our CD!

We hope you can make it on the night, it’s set to be a great one, and we don’t want anyone to miss out! If you’re torn between one party or another, let me tell you that you will be the first owners and listeners of the ‘She’s the Beat’ record, not to miss out on!

Thank you, its been an amazing year!

‘The Patriots – Town’ Single is to be released on the 31st December 2014, and is a summary of what we have done since our early days, you can pick a copy up off one of the lads, or you can buy a ticket for the new years gig and get a LIMITED COPY Original CD!

Thank you,
Liam, Duffy, Brad and Luke x





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