One Year As A Band!

Last weekend marked a year since we first released our first pictures and officially formed The Patriots, and this week marks a year since our first live performance, a 2-song slot at our school’s ‘spotlight concert’.
It seems so faraway, yet so close! It feels as though there was never a time that we weren’t a band, but the first year really has flown!
The first rehearsals were spot on, we always had a laugh, always finding a balance between playing and writing, and it was no time before we had two of our own songs polished off!
We were tight as a group because we spent so much time together, and that still stands today, we enjoy every minute, whether its setting up pre-gig or debuting a new single, its all part of the show!
Our first gig was back in january, and while we were somewhat unprepared (messing up in Not Nineteen Forever), we played a very solid set for a band that hadn’t been around long!
A strong influence was that night, seeing our mates and local band Stillia smash it and driving us to catch them up!
We carried on with our own gigs, playing the Bull and Dog and the Burtonwood Catholic Club in march, and continuing to enjoy what was happening!
By the time this summer arrived, we were enjoying weekly gigs, improving our sound all the time! Summer brought us 2 festivals, Rainford and Rainhill, which brought us into the picture further away from home!
The Oxjam event at the citadel gave us a chance on the big stage and we played a monster set that was, at the time our best gig!
For us, the Burtonwood Community Centre gig was massive! Going down on the day to soundcheck and then building up to it all day was a special occasion! The gig itself was a massive success, the place was packed out and everyone really enjoyed the night!
We had a chance to play alongside renowned acts at the Clock Face Festival, the day was amazing, and a flavour of what is hopefully to come of the future on the big stage! There was a massive turnout and it felt amazing!
Towards the end of our first year, we returned solely to pub gigs after playing a lot of ticket gigs in summer, to return to what we loved doing in the first place. We played fantastic gigs at the Sefton, the Bowling Green and Bird I’th Hand that we all enjoyed very much!
All in all, this year has been amazing, we’re much better than we were this time last year, and although that pre-gig feeling of excitement is almost absent, the thrill of starting a gig up or smashing a song later in the set is still very very relevant as part of our lives.
Finally, we cannot thank you enough for the huge support from all of you, parents, family, friends and fans have got us through the year successfully and give us an amazing time, we hope our second year is just as good!
It is evident through our music how far we’ve come, just look at ‘back to the start’ compared to ‘town’, although you may have different opinions on the tracks, there is no denying the advance in music, the step forward in songwriting is apparent.
Whether its writing, learning, laughing, recording, playing or taking inspiration from pizza boxes, its been an amazing year!
We thank you all for your support, its been stunning!


The Patriots x



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