Jamm Studios

On the 30th October we went out to Jamm Studios in town to record two singles.
The day was massive for us as we felt we had something to give, something to prove that we’d come a million miles from the days of ‘Back to the start’ (our first single) .
The day was fantastic and we enjoyed studio time as always, finding the balance between having a laugh, remembering the day and recording some good music.
We recorded two tracks, the lead single being a new track named ‘Town’ and another track named ‘She’s the beat’.
‘Town’ is a song that came about over a riff our guitarist, Duffy, had made. Liam and Duffy co-wrote the song and presented it to Brad and Luke at a rehearsal a short while ago; At the time however, we were still deciding which songs would be recorded at Jamm on the day. After weeks of adaptions, breaks, lyric writing and overall hard work, we came out of our final rehearsal with a finished product.
Its got an air about it, that we’re trapped in this town and can’t get out; surrounded by everything we’re against, we based the song solely on this idea and the people of the area. Town is everything we want it to be, its not an anti-St Helens song, nor is it showcasing our love to the town, its a hit of realism in our music.
Now, She’s the beat’s a pretty old song for us! We’ve been playing this song live since our first couple of gigs and that is the beauty of a demo, the song has gradually improved and come along since the first day we finished it.
At the time, She’s the beat was based on an idea of a girl who wants it all, taking inspiration from everything around us and what we know of people, again an essence of realism in our work, a dead honesty that you only see from the likes of the early Arctic Monkeys material.
There’s some pretty interesting lyrics in both songs so be sure to overplay them when they’re out!
The single ‘Town’ and its accompanying track ‘She’s the beat’ is set to be released in the near future, so for now, look to live versions of the songs on out facebook and youtube pages, accessible by this website!
The Patriots lads x



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